Time is a part of life

Most of us heard about proverb “Time
is money”
, in reality actually time are a part of life. We are living
in a certain period of time, from birth to death.

It seems fine for majority of peoples
to work for money. They spend most of their life time working for money. In
worst scenario, they are working in field that they don’t even like to.

Surely money can’t buy happiness, but
without enough of time in life how can we achieve happiness?

For example, in weekday myself waking up 06:00 am (2 hours preparing to work) then working from 07:30 am until 04:00 pm (about 8 hours at work), arrive at home at 05:30, If I sleep at 11:00 pm then I only have less than 6 hours left to spend.

Without working for money, we’d have
back all our valuable time. Spending time for our beloved family and friends,
contribute to society and doing all things we like. We will eventually find a
true happiness and freedom of life.

When in high school, I was inspired by Robert T. Kiyosaki with his book “Rich dad poor dad”. He shows me the possibility to achieve a financial freedom. The key is in managing your money; get your own cash inflow to cover your expenses for a lifetime not just relies on your monthly pay check. But of course the definition of financial freedom for each person varies depending on your standard of living.

From that moment to get financial freedom is one of my life goals…… I don’t want spend all the time in my life to work for money because time is not money, time is a part of life !

Photo by Monoar Rahman from Pexels

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