The Law of Money Money-ing

The clarity

First thing before you decide what got to do to get money, have money, do with money, you have to dig a deep insight first into what money really is. But as you know most people nowadays just asked the question how to get the money, some even never really know what to do if they got it.

If you look into what people can do nowadays with money, and the beginning of civilizations, it still remains the same meaning, Money is A Tool. Just like ax, hoe, etc, we use a tool to get what we want, rice, vegetables, clothes, houses, transportation. But look, nowadays it is more than just a tool, it grew out of its context. Money can buy happiness, money means pleasure, thrill, pride, satisfaction, even life itself. It grows out so important that it becomes the most important thing in life for some people.

Whatever the delusion it has caused, if it is not clear you won’t get anywhere near. But when you’re clear what money can do for you, and you’re into your goal then what you need to do is just to build the intensity to get you there.

The intensity

For all kinds of industry and business, even though you’re clear what you going for, laziness won’t help. It is not the question of how to get there, it is the question of how much you’re into it. People like Napoleon, or Thomas A. Edison, spent only 3 hours to sleep, or Li Ka Shing, self-made entrepreneurs work 14 hours a day, there’s no doubt for their intensity. But when there’s too much distraction or no intensity, your success is only by chance, the accidental success might happen. When you want if deep enough, you are inside screaming all the time, your focus will bring you the ‘how’. But without intensity, nonsense will happen. Success isn’t for slackers.

In term for the success in this world, always ask the right question to your self inside you, your intelligence is there, waiting for you to clear your delusion. Last but not least, the way in is the only way out.

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