A book by Paulo Coelho

As we often heard about an alchemist, is someone who can turn lead into gold, but this a book about sheepherder who never gives up until he reaches his dreams. The story took place in Spanish during the era of the Moorish ruler, as he travels along to the pyramid of Egypt he meets the alchemist which changed his life.

Paulo Coelho teaches us about life, how someone achieves his dream with strong determination when others who had given up their dream because either they think it’s impossible or already satisfied with their current living.

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This story shows so may type of characters. Some in the book don’t even want to fulfill his dream even that he could, some become obsessive yet never get what he wanted.

Santiago, the main character is just an ordinary boy who also had doubts about his choices, fear for trying something new and feel satisfied at one some point of his life when he has abundance yet he chose to keep going for his true destiny until he meets the alchemist which he never planed or think about but the encounter changes his life.

When you want something, all the universe conspire to help you achieve it.

Paulo Coelho, in his book “The Alchemist”

In my opinion, It is not about the fate that obese us don’t our dream, but it is the choice we made. Do you have a burning desire to keep fulfill your heart and dream or just give up and live an ordinary life? The main character relies on instinct in dealing with challenges, and because of his determination, the universe helps him to achieve it.

Photo by DWilliams from pixabay

The Alchemist easily become one of my favorite books. However, the story is too short, so I should have bought a thicker book, it last longer.

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