Solve your problems by Self-Control

Yes, everyone in this world has so many problems to face. Sometimes, it will create a negative act, stress, mood swing, and so many things that would be. In fact, the hard problems make someone do the greatest mistakes, but don’t you know that God always gives the ways out of those all? So, what are the things that should be done? Just being quiet and worried? Remember that you just need to control yourself by doing self-control.

How does self-control work out? Before get talking to another point, just getting through by knowing what self-control is.

What is Self-Control?

Preparing yourself first to solve the problems by knowing what self-control is. The definition of self-control is divided into some categories there are etymology and terminology. According to Calhoun and Acocella in 1990 are stated that self-control is the series of processes that can be created by someone views and habits. In addition, Godfried and Merbaum said that the series of the processes can be concluded as arranging, guiding, managing, and empowering ability. So, the impact of self-control itself is being as good as humans.

What can you do with self control?

When the problems are coming and distracting your mind, getting angry is not a solution. Sometimes, it will make a good feeling, but it’s just a temporary happened. You may apply self-control to feel much better and save more energy. It’s better than getting angry and forcing something to work out.

1. Pray, Belief, and Submit; God will Heal and Help You

God gives the problems to someone in order to make her or him become a better human. So, just keep your best and do what have you’re going to do. A good way to solve your problems is doing pray as a submitting your belief to God. You must believe that God has created your rainbow in another time already.

2. Calm, Believe that Everything Would Be Done in Time

Self-control means that you must get controls yourself in the right temperature. Do not let yourself become depressed by doing negative actions such as get suicide, create an accident, and so on. The things that you need to face your problems are finding serenity through getting closer to God and going it to the flow.

3. Find the Base Point of Your Problem

When you get the problems, do not think about it caused by or who can make it broken. Remember that, blaming is never given you the solution, moreover you just get stuck and make everything worse. So, find the base point of your problem through make a self-reflection. Ask yourself about how far you are going to live your life before.

4. Just Open Your Eyes to Get Another Point of View

Keep listening even you are facing your worse problems indeed. It can give you many benefits because you will feel the others also have a different phase in their life. The problems come to make the human grow up bigger and higher and finally found the real aim of this life.

5. Create Your Positive Atmosphere

Problems make you always feel gloom, anger, bad mood, and soon. However, you must remember that you always get the chance to be better. So, keep yourself in the positive thoughts.

As many as problems that can be encountered, you must realize that you have God who will always help and guide you as long as you pray, believe, and do your best. So, keep your fires burning on through do self-control.

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