Dealing With Changes

This world changes constantly so we as inhabitants must adapt to it.  The era changed from industrialization to the information age. Our body changes and decay as we get older, our metabolism rate decreases. How do we respond to change? Inevitably we have to follow the changes or we will be defeated, overwhelmed or can even lead to extinction.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the one most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin

The story of Moana has inspired me to urge to change according to circumstances. When the food resources on the island where she lived had thinned out, she told her tribe it was time to sail looking for new islands. Things feel almost impossible, sailing through the ocean, to change is difficult. But Moana eventually found out that their ancestors were also great sailors. Since there she had found her courage.

“You can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails.”


In the information age, we are required to do things differently from our parents or ancestors. Because they live in different times. It does not mean that all their advice is wrong but we need to sort out which information is obsolete. Maybe they were right for instance study hard, getting a secured and good career and life happily afterward might seem to be a good idea in the industrial era but not in the world we are living today, we are responsible for our own finances.

We cannot fight the changes that come because we, alone, will not be powerful enough. But we can transform ourselves in the face of all the upcoming changes and challenges. Like a good sailor or navigator, we should read the sign of the wind and the sky, the omens and the universal language from mother nature or God. More importantly to act accordingly.

If one day the world changes become complex it is not surprising that we might be applying the ancient way our ancestors. Have you ever thoughts maybe our ancestors had technologies that were even more sophisticated than us? and all discovered in this century are more likely a rediscovered? Who knows.

Featured Photo by Mariamichelle from pixabay

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