Conquer the world through self-confident

Napoleon Bonaparte had every reason for feeling inferior to others and be timid. First, because of his Corsicans accent when speaking French. He was born 1769 in Corsica as minor nobility of Italy, which was conquered by France in by the same year. That makes him no longer Corsican noble but a French citizen, a common man from newly conquered land.

Second, his physical appearance. He was 5 foot 2 inches, shorter than his average Frenchmen. He was bullied in school, but he fights back, he did not let them abuse him. It was of his self-confidence, Napoleon knew he is no inferior to anyone. Actually, he bested his colleagues in the artillery section.

When he was sent to the Italian campaign, talking to his soldiers he said that they would win, and Milan was a prosperous city. By taking Milan, their lives will be better. The soldiers listened, but no one believed. They are tired, poor soldiers, there are among them don’t even have shoes to wear. Eventually, they won and captured Milan. It is as prosperous as he said. Victory after victory his self-confidence spread to the soldiers. After that, they won many important battles all along.

Napoleon, Les Invalides Photo by castigatioxes from pixabay

Self-confidence made him never doubt about his own ability, he practice meticulously on artillery to stand out among to others. Besides, his understanding of artillery is the foundation which he accomplished many victories in battle. Who should have known, that a common man can later become an emperor of French and had conquered almost most of Europe? Napoleon Bonaparte, the most feared person in entire Europe at that era.

Featured Photo by WikiImages-1897 from pixabay

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