A Serenity Does not Come from the Outside; You are the Part of a Serenity Itself

Do you ever imagine about finding something that can make you calm? The answer surely yes because everybody just wants to bring their self into a comfort area, but you just realized that you “live” to get alive. It will be so many problems, vibes, disturbances, regrets, and so on. So, how can make it doesn’t give negative affection and effect on your life? Don’t you think that life will be alive when you feel calm in every situation that can be encountered?

Feel and think deeply about these steps!

1. Remind to yourself “God is the only aim of your Journey”.

When you take realizing or not, every way that you are stepping out is never lost handling by God because He always pays attention to yours. So, don’t worry if you get disappointment, just believe that God always there.

2. Do not expect too much from other peoples.

Disappointment makes you feel lost and out of control sometimes. So, how can resolve it? Realizing that disappointment comes because there are so many expectations from other peoples. You just let it go and do everything sincerely.

3. Focus to take care of yourself.

Be focus to yourself it means that you never been a paparazzi or news hunter. Don’t you know that it’s wasting time and useless? Just focus to yourself to avoid negative atmosphere.

4. Do not make gossip and do Gossip.

You should be indifferent when you heard and looked a negative side in your environment such as gossiping. Remember that make and do gossip will decrease your energy and break up your mind. So, focus on what have that you are going to do.

5. Keep in touch with the others; it doesn’t mean that you are kind, but you do kindness to yourself.

One thing that you must remember is taking care of yourself through giving more and taking less. Just believe that you should be taking care to the others it means you’ve done caring on your self. Don’t let your ego take over control of yourself.

6. Making many friends; trust a few.

Making many friends can be getting easier for creating a connection, but you should know that you just only trust a few. Give your trust on someone who you believe and know deeply. Do not take a risk by telling your secret to many people.

7. The most powerful life are submitting, praying, and being grateful.

Believe or not, God works in a magical touch. So, you just feel and think deeply how’s kind God to you. Whatever weather and disturbance can be, you have to submit, pray, and be grateful to God. Trust that God always there for you to heal and peace your life.

The point of your serenity is believing and keep believing. You never have known what can happen later and how’s life can be. God is always by your side, so stay believe and be positive

Featured Photo by BrinWeins from pixabay

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