10 Things You Need to Do to Get Upgrading Your Self

Why are the peoples should be upgrading their self? The only answers for that question are everybody needs it for live their life. Everything can be found now is one of the results of globalization in this millennial era. Moreover, you need to be innovative, creative, criticized to face the globalization and the effect that can be caused by it. So, how about self-upgrading? How can self-upgrading be related to the globalization effect? You need to know that the point of view of globalization is how can make someone to keep holding on and the best solution for it just keep being yourself with bring the newer idea.

“You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want.”

S. E Hinton

Then, what are the things that can be done? Before you are really want to do self-upgrading, you can take the first step that is “know more about yourself. What are they like?

1. Just Doing What Have You Need to Do.

After you get to know what your self is, you can take the conclusion that you just may do self-upgrading if it is needed for you. This sentence as same as the meaning of what S. E Hinton said and stated that use your time as good as you are.

2. Starting Your Duty Correctly; Make it Perfect as Your Views.

You know that your duty or work is an obligation to do. So, you just do it clearly to make it better and better, but you need to remember that you must get focus and realize that God is the only aim of your life.

3. No Time for “Blank-Minded”.

Every people will get stuck with their activities someday. You will never get this situation if you do everything best with all kindhearted feelings. So, make sure that you have stable feelings.

4. You Need to Talk and Share to Get Another Point of Views.

If you love to work everything alone, someday you will need a partner to get the new idea and point of view. So, you may discuss your problems, but stay pay attention to the things that should be hidden.

5. Focusing on What Point that You Have Believed.

You do not need to be angry about everything that could not be done. You just give the only focus on what things that you are believed. Stay submits and be sure of the kindness of Good.

6. Getting Your “Me Time” Properly.

Do not think that your work is going to be done quickly, it not means that you should work and work and force your time. Remember that you should have quality time for yourself to refresh your mind.

7. Do Not Try to Imitate the Others.

Try to imitate the others just like a man is hiding in a mask. You should be another person to make everything better as your thought. So, being simple is a good way to do because you only know what yourself needs.

8. Willing to Try the “New World”.

Being an innovative person means that you must take a new chance or try the new world to step. Even though it is hard to do, but you can do it step by step.

9. Making Sure You Just Do the Positive Things.

In this point, you must believe that positive thinking can make everything will be positive. So, start everything by creating positive thinking to get positive things.

10. Being Optimist, Everything has Probability to Get True.

As hard as problems can be, you just keep your energy stay save and believe that everything could be running well. So, it will make you be an optimist person.

Do you want to get upgrading? Which one of those things that would be forgotten?

Photo by Adam Le Sommer on Unsplash

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